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Web messaging System (ASP/HTML)

This is a client server application in which client is an ASP site and the server is a VB component that uses Winsock control, the users can send messages to the server via client side ASP code.


SharePoint: User Permissions

Checking User Permissions in SharePoint Sites


SharePoint: How to upload a file to SharePoint?

How to upload a file to SharePoint


SharePoint: Sites List

How to get a list of sites in SharePoint using .NET code?


SharePoint: Email Sending

Sending an email to all members of the site using .NET code


SharePoint: SPExplorer

Portal for sites and lists. All information will be saved in the database.


SharePoint: Document Puller

Extract any Word document from your SharePoint portal and save it on your hard disk!


Search and Open Utility

Here is what the application does:1. roject combo is filled with project codes.2. When user selects a project code from the "Project combo", all the related files to that project code are displayed in the list box.3. User can view the specific files by selecting a file type from the "File Type combo".4. A preview is displayed in the preview box when the user clicks on a file in the list box.5. The file is opened in its respective software when the user clicks the "Open" button.


Downloading Web Content

The code demonstrates the usage of Internet Transfer Control and shows how easy it is to download web pages from the web using the control without the hassle of using win APIs.


Persistable COM using MSMQ (VB)

Look how we used the property bag to store the information and then later retrieve that information from the property bag to send via MSMQ.


Reading from Text files (VB/Beginners)

This is not a big project but a very simple application just to show you how to read from a text file while remaining in the VB environment. The main function used in the code is Read_Files().


Downloading Asynchronously (VB)

This small application will show you how to use the VB document to download a web page asynchronously from a web site.


Rotating Banners

This code shows you how to create an OCX control that displays rotating banners on your web page.


Glowbutton ActiveX Control

This is an ActiveX control that you can embed in your web pages or your VB applications.


Web Messaging System (ASP/VB)

The main logic is that you create one server application in VB and place that application on the machine which is connected to the internet and you create another web application which can be located anywhere and the users accessing your site would be able to send you instant messages, those messages would appear in your WMS server application.


Lines Counter (VB)

Do you want to count lines in your ASP or VB code? Run this program!!


Create your mailing component with Winsock

Create your own Mailing component using Winsock control, the componet can be used in VB and in ASP.


WebRobot: Create your own bot that crawls and searches the net

This is a complete robot program. This program searches the net for the keywords entered by the user. The results are stored in a database. User can open and run the search anytime. Efficient search algorithm has been used to crawl the internet.


GlowFTP: Create a complete FTP program (VB)

This code will help the readers understand the functionality of Internet Transfer Control. This program performs several functions. This is a simple FTP program. It lets you log on to a FTP server as a registered user or as an anonymous guest and view a listing of the default directory. User can also change to different directories and downloading and uploading files.


MSN Messenger Application (VB/ASP)

This is a simple application which will show you how you can log on and log off from your MSN messanger application. You can explore and extend the application youself.


Link Checker: Create a program that checks all the links in your web page (VB/ASP)

In this article I will show you how to create a program that checks whether the links in your web application are active or not. We will use Internet Transfer Control to accomplish this task. This is a real world example where you will see the real use of Internet Transfer Control.