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We specialize in software analysis, design and development. We use state of the art tools and technologies to provide cutting-edge, top-notch custom applications. We provide affordable services. Our outsourcing solutions help companies keep their overall costs down while still achieving their strategic and operational goals. To survive in today's highly competitive, global business environment, companies must hold down expenses in every area of operations. Increased competitiveness will continue to pressure businesses to streamline operations.

Information Technology (IT) operations add tremendous value to the business. It is something without which companies cannot survive. Information Technology forms the backbone of any business today. Yet it is important to stick to the plan. Answer is OUTSOURCING! All major businesses in the US have established overseas operations to compete in the global business economy. Companies that do not have their own offices abroad outsource their IT tasks to the offshore companies. It is considered profitable to outsource IT work to offshore companies. Offshore companies have matured during the last decade. Their focus is on providing not just IT services but GOOD QUALITY IT services.

How do we fit in the picture?

We provide services that help these companies reduce their overall IT costs. We provide following services:

Hire a single developer or a whole team that comprises of developers, designer(s) and marketing staff

Tools and technologies that we use are as following:

We also specialize in providing business process outsourcing services.

We provide world-class WEB HOSTING at very affordable, competitive rates:

* Limited Time Offer. Regular rate is $14.99/year

We provide world's best SharePoint hosting
SPF 2010 packages

For more details on hosting packages, see our Services and Pricing pages or contact us for a custom quote.